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As I write my first entry, I am flashing back to the last time I had a blog. It was the early 2000s and the age of blogging sites such as Live Journal, Xanga, and Dead Journal. For a high schooler wrangling with typical and atypical "teenage experiences", it was an outlet to share some of my experiences, express teenage angst, and to project an image that I desperately wanted to portray. I cannot remember the specific content I wrote, but if I were to speculate that the content is similar to my Memories on Facebook that pop up daily, I am sure that 1). I wouldn't recognize it and 2.) I would both inwardly and outwardly cringe.

I have been a mental health professional since 2011. Ironically, I didn't believe that therapy could really help me until I worked with an EMDR therapist. I worked with multiple talk therapists over the years and even an art therapist. I found most of them helpful in small ways, but I didn't feel better.

The experiences I had with EMDR were life changing. It inspired me to pursue my own EMDR training with hope that the people I work with could have similar experiences.

If you are wondering if EMDR can be helpful for you, check out my Services tab or go to


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