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Why I believe in EMDR

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Sharing time.

I was a trauma therapist for several years before I believed that therapy could help me.

Am I that unique that I couldn't be helped by therapy?

Nope, I just wasn't in the right therapy AND I wasn't working with the right therapist.

I tried A LOT of talk therapy. I got insight. I got support.

But I didn't get the healing I was looking for until a colleague discussed EMDR with me. I was skeptical but intrigued (and honestly, a little desperate).

Spoiler alert: I found a lovely EMDR therapist. EMDR changed my life in positive ways I wasn't anticipating.

Does that mean EMDR is the right fit for you? Let's talk about it!

Click below to contact me for a free consultation.

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