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Adjunct EMDR

You are a mental health professional with a good connection with your client.


You've been working together for a while, but there's a stuck point impeding the progress you've already made. Your client wants to continue working with you, but you are worried that they won't continue to make therapeutic gains if something doesn't change for them.

Enter Adjunct EMDR Therapy.

  • Time limited.

  • Focused and goal oriented.

  • Highly Collaborative. 

Let's Work Together.

  • I offer 4-12 sessions of EMDR while your client continues to work with you. This is meant to supplement your work together, not replace it.

  • Clients should be able to identify singular event or phobia that they have identified as "getting in the way" of additional progress. 

  • Client and clinician are both in agreement about working collaboratively. 

  • Can help desensitize experiences that increase symptoms of PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

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