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About The Balm Within

balm (noun) \ ˈbä(l)m

1. a soothing restorative agency

The Balm Within reflects the understanding that we each have innate abilities that are essential to our healing.  EMDR therapy can help.


You are the expert in your therapy and a large part of our initial work together will be exploring and honoring your survival skills to help facilitate your ability to restore or create healing experiences. 

Meet Amy


holistic trauma therapist. mama. wife. licensed clinical social worker. cultivator of plants. anti-racist. therapy nerd. ally. adventurer. feminist. avid reader. strategy game lover. nature seeker.

Amy has advanced training in both Internal Family Systems and EMDR, and both modalities heavily influence her approach. Her years of professional practice and her own experiences in EMDR therapy have reinforced repeatedly that there is hope that life can be better.


Healing IS possible.


A picture of the owner, a Caucasian woman, smiling.
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