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Childhood wounding can be hard to heal from-especially if the wounds were invisible.

A better future is possible.

You've been in therapy before, and it helped, but you are still struggling.


You have a sense it's because you are still impacted by past "stuff" and despite the insight you have about why you are struggling, it hasn't change that you still are.


No matter the messaging you get from friends, family, media, or society at large, not being able to heal from childhood wounds on your own isn't weakness.

It's human physiology. 

Logically you may know that you did not deserve to be ignored, or that your caregivers tried their best, or that things weren't your fault. But these types of wounds impact all of us--not just the logical parts. Therefore, you may need a type of therapy that is going to go beyond your logical brain. 

Are you ready to dig deep and find your own healing?


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